Its Peachdish! A new business/marketing app design for food home delivery. This interactive experience makes ordering, shopping, and cooking easier in a way that reflects culinary sophistication while promising realistic expectations.
+ App Design
+ Interactive Experience Design
+ Logo & Icon Design

Let's get cooking! Sophisticated app aesthetic allows user to meal plan with ease with on-page customization options and ordering to pick meals quickly & effectively. 
Filter & customize your dietary needs,  then look up nutrition information, difficulty level, wine parings, etc., then add your meal to the cart.
Select Recipe icon from the bottom navigation to view the current / past orders / favorited meals. Select an image to view the step-by-step recipe.
Innovative Recipe Card features an on-page multiple strolling options. User can effortlessly move from step to step with tap/ buttons options, or watch a step by step demonstration auto-play and cook without the messy fingerprints.
Checkout Experience
App Mobile Version
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